Harbor Montessori School cultivates engaged, innovative thinkers who transform lives.

To that end, we focus on instilling...

A Passion for Excellence

  • Time tested and research proven Montessori curriculum
  • Individualized student work within a supportive community
  • Highly trained staff with low student to teacher ratio

Global Understanding

  • A commitment to care of all students and celebration of what makes each child unique
  • Holistic exploration of all continents, multiple cultures, the arts, sciences, and more

Universal Values

  • Promotion of core values common to all religions
  • Teaching of social skills, conflict resolution and mediation
  • Emphasis on independence, self-reliance and personal responsibility

Culture of Service

  • Student-led philanthropic and environmental initiatives
  • Multi-age approach to teach and promote leadership and cooperation
We look forward to meeting you in person and answering your questions about our school.